Saturday, March 5, 2016


Five days into march.

We've already had to reschedule moxie's 3 month check up, after her last CT scan, because the doctor we were seeing and really liked, is leaving the practice. this appointment may decide if we will continue to drive to waltham for 'check ups' when we have perfectly capable doctors just a few miles away. she was also due for her annual shots and whatnot and got a clean bill of health. i think we will always sound stuffed up and nasally now...but now she just sounds like a normal pug, i guess.

tap is the most amazingly fun thing i've done in a long time. i'm sure it helps that the class is run by a friend from early derby days and 2 of the other 3 students are my close friends, but whatever the reasons, i love it. we are looking forward to continuing on, but i, of course, am forced to decide how to divide my precious free time. no, i know i am not the only person in the world who has to prioritize social engagements and things of that nature; but, i am not the type to fill my schedule to the max and be okay sacrificing my 'me' time. my days must include a couple hours of alone time or i will go insane. especially on work days when i wake up to 8 hours of human interactions that sometimes make me want to question why we don't have sterilization laws.

car parts are flooding in. i have (i think....i hope) the stuff i need to get the suspension and brakes back on and in order. that will have to wait until tap ends in a few weeks, so i can devote full days to working on it. if you're at all curious about that project, i have a separate blog to chronicle the madness, here.

still not getting much skating in, these days. missing derby because of it, but i'm sure it's just because i want to skate...not necessarily get back into that scene. next warm day, i must get out on the trail or park. this crazy new england weather is so back and forth, as winter makes way for spring. 50 degrees one day to snow showers the next. and it seems, no matter how warm the air, it has been so blustery that the cold wind isn't terribly encouraging for outings (for me, anyway).

back at (mostly) my 6-day workout weeks. it's nice feeling like i'm getting back in shape again...sweating away all my troubles. well, most of my troubles.

relay stuff is also keeping me busy. i just wish i could think of another way to raise some money, outside of the team events. but, i just don't have the time i had last year and i feel like i'm back in the non-creative swing of life. that part of my life cycle where i look at my studio and think, 'ah, hell. i'm just gonna sell off all my supplies and stop pretending i have time or desire for this hobby. it would free up a whole extra room of the house if i cleaned it out, too...could be my new dance studio.

but, of course, my mind changes so rapidly and frequently that i don't dare make a move.