Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 is winding down

Here we are at the end of another year.
my 41st year. of this life. on this earth.
each year, i tend to add on more things i'd like to do in the new year. which leads to me saying to myself, 'what are you thinking? you'll never succeed at anything if you start everything all at the same time!'
so i think this year, i may try to cut to the chase and try to focus on one thing (okay...maybe one big thing and a couple smaller things?).

SPOILER: none of my goals are to capitalize or properly punctuate my blogs. sorry. 

my problem: i don't ever feel like i'm getting older. sure, my knees hate stairs. my hair is sparkly with greys. my weight loss efforts get more frustrating. but i have a 12 year old dog that acts like a puppy. i don't have kids that continue to grow older to remind me that I, too, am growing older.
so here i sit, looking forward to my 42nd birthday in 2016, feeling like i never passed my 25th!
but it's not a problem, in the traditional sense of the word. it's just a problem when i make my list of goals, and then consider the timing. so the list has to be edited and edited and edited, with each new year. (honestly, primarily because i lack focus and ambition)

now, keep in mind, that this is still my personal blog. it may not mean anything to you...or, maybe some posts speak to you while other posts leave you scratching your head thinking 'who the eff cares, you weirdo!?'  But whatever your reason for reading reason for writing it is to keep myself sane and centered (in theory).

so what do i actually want to do, to make the most of 2016? 
well, i'd like to focus most of my energy on getting the Barracuda running (that's a whole other blog that has gotten very little attention these past couple years, sadly). that'll be my one 'big' thing.
i've also had success with my quilled jewelry over this past year. while all my profits this year have gone to charity, which warms my heart, i'd like to maybe keep a little for myself...using the momentum from the charity craft fairs. this is where my focus really needs to be stepped
of course there are the personal goals of taking back control of my weight and fitness routines...actually getting myself to field hockey, skating more, working out and running again would all be helpful.
 i'm still interested in learning icelandic...and brushing up on my french...maybe finally learn russian...
there's tap...
and here we go...
the list just gets longer...
new year's resolutions are just reminders of how old we're getting!

so what have i learned with my stream of consciousness?
that i will just have to go about my business as usual, trying to be more ambitious and better at time management, while my main goal in life will remain:
to be a good person

and on that note:
give blood!
go HERE to link to the facebook event page for the blood drive at the Orleans Animal Hospital on January 8.

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