Saturday, November 21, 2015

still just rolling along

I'm not ashamed to say that i have been listening to Christmas music and watching terrible made-for-TV Christmas movies. as i mentioned before, I have crafts to get done. and when you're making snowflakes, holiday music helps get you in the mood.
as for all the stuff i need to make and get done, i think the IFAW thing may be off the list. haven't heard about it and hubby says he's not sure it's going to happen this year. I'd still like to get stuff done, for my etsy shop...even though i get so little traffic there, it seems silly.
The meeting in Provincetown was a success! 
Womencrafts on Commercial street currently has a few pieces of mine, for the rest of the year. Hopefully they get some positive feedback and call me this spring for more stuff. They are only open on weekends, now...if you're out there when they're open, go in and see how it looks in person! you'll also find some pottery by my friend Susie, of Wink pottery! she was my push into the brick & mortar game.
here's a sample of what i dropped off. 
(the finished product hangs on silver fish hook earrings)
My awesome Rogue-Bot Rollers Relay for Life team is also busy getting ready for the craft fair. All proceeds go toward our fundraising efforts for the 2016 Relay. The American Cancer Society gets all the money raised. It'll be the beginning of my individual efforts...last year i was able to collect about $150 from jewelry sales! I'm hoping to at least match that this year. I'll have my fun paper snowflakes and some new pieces of jewelry. And I played around with some miniatures this year...
I'm not really sure what to do with them, except sell them individually. They'd be cute additions to gift wrappings, i think. so come snatch a couple up before they are gone! 

We finally got to Fairhaven for a rink skate. 
It was freaking mobbed with teens and tweens. 

Kraut couldn't make it because she had family in town. and Tart & Slam didn't skate...Tart has an eye injury and Slam was not feeling it...they came along for support and as our chauffeurs! I finally got to skate with Renee's beau. and hubby skated with me...well, he was there...trying to skate as fast as he could. I'm more of a 'let the music move me' skater. it was a ton of fun, but it'll be even better when the group is all healthy and together again and skating on a quieter night. looking forward to that!

and Thanksgiving is still on it's way. no stopping the holiday rush around. 
just found out a little while ago that mom's coming out for Christmas. and Auntie is headed to London at the start of December. family Christmas eve will be a little different this year. but with hubby's new car and moxie's little health issue this year, there will not be gifts i can put all my efforts into the one swap gift. no searching for this, that and the other thing...just one thoughtful $20 gift. I'm actually kind of excited to shop this year!!

so, make sure you come out to the Dennis Senior Center on Saturday, November 28 between 10 am and 2 pm! get some handmade gifts (jewelry, pottery, knitted get the idea) and help fight cancer, all at the same time!!
here's my personal fundraising page, if you feel like donating now.
and, here's my TEAM page if you'd like to join our team, or make a donation to the team, in general.
(thank you)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

i am the girl of 100 lists...

no Iceland blog today. I think I covered most of the trip in the last 4 blogs. That doesn't mean i don't still think about that trip every day. My facebook feed is full of Iceland...i follow at least 3 pages, so that I can see it's beauty daily. And, also take notes for the next trip.
so what's been going on since I've finished combing through my 100's of pictures, and reliving that glorious time away from the hustle and bustle of life?
well, I'm back to the hustle and bustle, of course.
I decided, during that time i could collect my thoughts, that I needed to realize that my life is not really moving. I go to work, I do random things to keep myself busy, and i hang out with the dog and hubby when I can.
but is that living?
since quitting roller derby nearly a year ago (February, i think i made it official?), i've had a ton of time freed up.
I have a few things i could fill that time with...
but then suddenly...
i'm strapped for time again!
the end of the year is jam-packed. 
it's like there was a set number of holidays we needed to have in a year, and they weren't spaced out properly so we just threw a bunch in at the end. like when you're making your 'YARD SALE' sign and you started too far to the right and 'sale' is all mashed and illegible. well, i feel like the end of the year is like that...all mashed up.
so here i am ...wanting to do too many things, while also having that list of things that still needs to get done.
a couple friends and i finally found a few hours on a Saturday morning to get out and roller skate. It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm November 1. I took a digger at the very bottom of a tall hill. there was a patch of thick sand at the bottom and my wheels stopped, while my body continued its forward motion.
my lucky day! 
i managed to skate away with a few scrapes and a couple sprained fingers. i did not hit my face or bite my tongue or break any bones. it was a good day!
It makes my quilling a little more painful, but i have a meeting on Thursday and a craft show at the end of the month. plus the IFAW holiday bazaar next month.
I got my work schedule changed to free up Wednesday mornings so i could stay out late and play field hockey with some friends Tuesday nights. last night was to be my first try. i bailed to try to get some work done.
already i can see a pattern of coming up short on time. 
i also turned down an invite to skate this morning, because i can't afford the temptation to not get stuff done today!
what's so important? 
i mean, how much time could i possibly need to just sit and do paper crafts all day, right?
well, i have some momentum going on my car project, too. I need to take advantage of the nice weather to get my shed cleared out (which means extracting mice) so i can have room to work on the back axle this winter. I have a friend helping me, so i have a list of stuff to get going on. and, without a heated garage, i need to get outside and under the car while the 50-60 degree days are still upon us. (unfortunately, also good days for skating. but that just means we'll have to plan some off-cape rink time, soon)
Thankfully, the Tuesday trips to waltham for Moxie's radiation appointments have ended until the scan in January.
For now, I can cross 'write blog post' off my list and get to work on the rest.
Dirty work, first.