Tuesday, September 22, 2015


i haven't blogged in awhile.  can't really even remember what my last post was about!
I do know what's been going on that has been keeping me from blogging though, and it's not roller skating, bowling, or carrying on with my pals, unfortunately.
for the past 4 Tuesdays, we've been travelling to Waltham for Moxie's nasal tumor consultation and subsequent radiation treatments. it has become the most tiring day of the week for us.  Luckily, the last few appointments were made far enough in advance that we are able to go at a time to miss most of the traffic...the first few trips were hours long, sitting in the car on the highway...those days you're grateful to have a/c.
She's been doing great, but this last treatment resulted in hair loss on her muzzle. you can't tell because she's a pug and her little face wrinkle hides it...and we were told to expect it...but, i got a little emotional when i noticed it.  My poor baby.  And it's going to get worse, in the form of more inflammation around her muzzle and in her mouth.  Dry eyes are likely, as well.  within the next year, she'll likely develop a cataract in her right eye.  She'll be 12 at the end of the year.  I get that she's old and stuff starts to fail...but this is a result of a treatment for a stupid tumor. she is in perfect health, otherwise.  it's sad, that's all.  the bright side is that she's getting better and the tumor didn't push up into her brain.

In the meantime, hubby's parents have been here for a week. A week that I never got to see my own home for more than a few minutes or spend any time with my sick little baby. Normally, i power through the two week visit and just go with the flow...but, this year, I'm having a hard time with the constant socializing.  Up for work at 3 am...work til noon or 1...just enough time to change and then it's out for lunch...then hang out til dinner...home and passing out by 9...for 5 days straight.  Usually i get a few hours between getting home and hubs getting home, but he took time off to see his parents so i haven't had that buffer...i haven't had more than my 30 minute commute to myself.  Yesterday was heaven.  I was happy at work, knowing i had the night free (this year, the brother-in-law is being thrown into the mix for the last leg of the trip, and they picked him up...leaving us to our own devices). i had the best hour long workout, in weeks.  I had the most energy I've had in a week.  I needed that day to recharge and prepare for today.

I have not been able to keep up with my Icelandic studies, either. I'm sad about it, but it was just for fun, not a necessity for the trip, so it's not a big deal.  Especially knowing that most Icelanders wont speak to you in Icelandic anyway,..even if you speak to them...they are apparently 'impatient' with foreigners 'trying to speak Icelandic'. and i would never want to offend anyone by butchering their language. speaking English will certainly make my life easier, but it won't stop me from continuing to TRY to learn Icelandic.

So, what about vacation? I can't wait. The more i read and see about Iceland, the more excited i get. I have a list of stuff to still get done (next week...after the in laws are gone), but mostly I'm ready. We're getting extra memory cards for the camera, planning on just shooting pics from sunrise to sunset, and beyond. I'm still researching little spots close to the places we're staying...there's no way we'll see everything, obviously, but who knows when we'll get our chance to go back!?
We're streamlining our luggage for the trip there, so we have lots of space for the stuff we'll, no doubt, bring back. I am, of course, worried about moxie's state while we're gone, since her last treatment is just a few days before we leave. I have full faith in our baby/house sitter, but i also want to make it as easy as possible for her, so lists will have to be made for meds and phone numbers.

all in all, this has been the least relaxing couple of weeks of my most recent memory. I'm eager to go on vacation, even with that little bit of sadness that we are leaving moxie behind after a rough time of her life.  Of course, then i sit back and take a look at her not seeming to even be affected, other than the missing hair from her nose.

The point of the story:
stay tuned for future blog posts, where i will recount my time in Iceland. get ready for some pictures.