Saturday, July 25, 2015

Well, it's saturday, again.

The day hubby and i spend together.
The last two weekends have been full.
This week has been pretty hectic for him, so he wants to stay home and chill.
And, that is always just fine by me!

Pallet project!
I'm up to 4 pallets to work with. I had 5 in mind, but I left #5 at work yesterday and i'm not about to go get it today. It was most surely sent back to our warehouse and I will just have to wait for another beauty to show up, loaded with 20 or so cases of bananas and several 50 pound bags of potatoes.
initial planning...
I spent some time sanding, a couple days ago. Then, thinking it was clever to use the boards from the underside to fill in the gaps on top, started to pry boards off.  An hour later, dripping in sweat, I had finally removed one board! That plan has been scrapped. The pallets will stay as they are (except for some sanding and staining) and I shall do my best to bury and build around them until they look nice. This, of course, means i will have to take another trip to the lumber store for filler boards and probably a couple for extra support underneath. (This is why I don't see us putting up our own fence.)
Now that it's nearly August, and September will be right on it's ass, I'm just hoping to get it all in the ground and then worry about plantings and prettying it up next year.

Also on our plate this weekend is to nail down our sleeping arrangements for our Iceland trip. In an attempt to not feel completely overwhelmed by a foreign country, I'm going to try to learn (a little) Icelandic. I have been using a lot of youtube videos, but I'm a studier. I need lesson plans and workbooks and homework, in order to really learn and retain. I have a book coming Monday.  I'm excited!
(google images)
But instead of sitting at home waiting for my book to arrive, I'm hitting the skate park with my skater pals, Monday! Jen's back in her skates.  
(I stole your picture, Sour Kraut!)
We did an 8 mile trail skate so Susie could feel confident that she was ready (Susie is the mother hen of this group, for sure!)

In other news,
the day it left Dad's house...seems like forever ago.  it's been 3 years!

be on the lookout for my car blog to be back in action soon!  Making plans for my friend to come give me a push to get the ball rolling again.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Date Night

Last night was the Pink Martini concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent.
What a fun band!!!  13 band members plus a couple guests...many styles of music...about 20 different languages.  It was a sold out show!  People laughed, sang, clapped, snapped much energy!
trombones, trumpets, English horns, strings, piano, and all kinds of kind of band!
We had an early dinner before the show.  Sitting outside for meals, during the summer is so nice.  People watching is fun, especially when you see people you know.  We love getting that 'hey, we live here!' feeling when that happens.
We decided to park in town and walk the mile to the tent (work off dinner and kill some time).  Which meant walking back at night.  Town was surprisingly dead for a Saturday in July. But not completely lacking in assholes driving around. 
Crosswalk on a one-way street
break in the traffic, start to make your way across
see speeding car coming, but have faith that they aren't complete losers
yell, 'FUCKER' into their window as they speed by
get all jacked up on adrenaline and hope she comes back so you can punch her in the face.

But it didn't ruin my night.  I was super fun. And I finally got to try that 'not your father's root beer' alcoholic root beer.  yummy, but really, melody tent...$7.50!! it was all the money I had.

The day started great, too! 
Susie came out to meet me for a 12 mile trail skate at 8:30 am.  Yes...nice & early to beat the crowds! Nope...parking lot was nearly full by the time we got there and totally full when we left at 10. 

Today...I'm going to attempt a project with the pallets I brought home from work over the winter.  I have 2 really nice ones that I was going to use to make a compost bin.  But I have come to realize that we two do not generate that much trash for a big bin.  So, I'm going to use them to make a little 'patio' in the back corner of the yard, where I planted the bamboo.  It's gross back there, so I hope I don't just end up scrapping the whole thing and day drinking, instead.  Wish me luck!  I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

This just in...

This morning hasn't really gone as planned.  I was hoping to get my computer up and running in seconds flat and, with the amazing speed of a brandy-new computer, post the most in-depth and exciting blog ever!
Unfortunately, today is the day our router decided to act up and I couldn't get online.
So, after getting annoyed (yes, already) with my 'fresh out of the box' computer, I went back to bed.  Hubby felt bad for me and got up to fix the problem enough that I could get online....but, my excitement for things has its waxing and waning moments.  Right now, it's waning.
The quick version:
Now that I'm moving from Vista straight into Windows 8, I have a lot of adjusting to do, in order to maximize my computing experience.  To be honest, I use it for basic household and personal stuff...I get annoyed with bells & whistles so I just want everything else to go away.  I'll be doing a little exploring today, I hope.  (and now I just hit something random that made everything smaller...weird shit is happening. this will take some getting used to...the 'f'-word is flying around a lot this morning.)

More Hyannis skating...
Susie and Amy, hanging in HyTown
Provincetown skating...
Susie and me, checking out the P-town park
Martha's Vineyard skating...
Susie and Jen, MV skatepark (very cool)
I'm trying hard to get back in shape. I'm slowly getting the nerve to explore different moves in the parks.  Skating trails is keeping me in skates more (though, summer work days really drain the energy I might have used for late day skating, I'm going to try to skate as much as I can.)

And Relay for Life Mid-Cape 2015 has come and gone...
This year we had a team set up through the Cape Cod Roller Derby league we had been skating with at the time.  The team raised over $8500!!!  An amazing final number! I stayed up for the entire event, which was just about the most unbelievable thing ever, for me.  From the moment I woke up to start the day on Saturday, to the moment my head hit the pillow Sunday morning, I was awake for 27 hours. In that time, I walked 30 miles.  My amazing friend Susie was running around making sure everything relay related was getting done.  Sadly, she is on the Relay committee so we didn't get to spend every waking moment together, as I had hoped.  Equally amazing, was Jen's 19 miles of post-ankle surgery walking throughout most of Saturday.  She came back, after a short break from the rain, to walk my final miles to my 30-mile goal. We celebrated by eating donuts, drinking coffee, tearing down the campsite, and going home early.  Our team, though we held the number 1 spot for most funds raised up until the end, came in 3rd.  Not bad, though...not bad at all. We're eager and brainstorming for next year's team!
It was a beautiful day, but a very rainy night. So much fun, though.
Next Saturday, Hubby and I are going to see Pink Martini at the Cape Cod Melody Tent.  Fun band.
The week after that, we're going with some friends and family to see my baby sister in a play in the park, in Onset.
After that, July is ending and then just one month of summer left.  Then the stupid traffic and crowds will go away.

(In other news, I'm hoping to get the 'Cuda blog up and running again soon, too.)
(In other other news, I'm hoping I can adjust to this new computer.  So far, i'm not in love with this keyboard and all it's jumping and spazzing. though that may just be me...I can't say for sure, yet.)