Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello, November.

I'm going to preface this post by letting everyone know that I type and post my blogs using my 9 year old gateway laptop.  Most days, I turn it on and I have to scan and update, or else it just makes a terrible grumbling noise and nothing opens; or, if it does work, it's at pace so slow that I am able to imagine the scene from Office Space where they beat the copier to bits, over and over and over....
[This is where I would put a gif of the scene, but, as I said...9 year old laptop...
here's a picture, instead...]

It has taken me weeks to get my computer to cooperate long enough to do the few things I must do, let alone the extras, like writing and posting a blog.
So, today, before I run out of time...here goes...

It's almost Thanksgiving! How?  How does time seem to fly by so much faster in the last 3 months of the year?  I'm sure it is because we all just have at least double the activities and obligations, this time of year, but man it takes a toll!
So this is my second winter in derby, and it gets hard for me to venture out into the night.  This year, though, one of our league's founders is having her 3rd child, so we threw a surprise baby shower before practice last night.  I am beyond impressed that she never caught wind of it!
Even Phoebe, the reporter from weeks ago, was in on it!
(what? Phoebe?  More on that later)
Diapers and Wipes, all around...and peppermint sandwich cookies.
People who know me (and some random facebook people who don't) know that I have my own views on babies and the overpopulation of this Earth; but, I love Talia, and she is an amazing mother, so I put my soap box away for the evening.  Congrats, Talia and family!

Now, that was last night...so much more has happened since my last post, though.
Our veteran skaters have been working hard to get ready for our first ever team try-outs.  This is a huge step for our league, for a few reasons:
1. We have only enough girls to form one team
2. That one team will have to travel, and coordinating schedules and getting a Saturday off, working on Cape Cod, can be difficult
3. We will then have 3 (THREE!) groups of skaters trying to practice in our one space on the same two days (meaning, we still would love to find a space that we could rent monthly, and come and go as we need, in order to get the most out of our practices...any and all help and/or info is greatly appreciated!)
4. This is our first attempt at forming an actual rostered team.  I remember back to our first round of assessments for the league...that was a nightmare!  Hopefully, this will go more smoothly.

Sadly, I don't think I will be on that team.  I have taken a step back so far, that I tend to take myself out of practice more often, because I don't want to hold back the rock stars.  I'm not saying I'm terrible, but I am still struggling to figure out just how I fit into this sport.  How much of it is true love, and how much is just how I think I should feel?  But I know I love helping the new skaters.  Even if I'm just there to cheer them on, sometimes.  I love how much they love derby.  I love how far they are willing to push themselves.  I love that when Mighty Medge says, 'okay, ladies, we're gonna hop over this 3 inch foam roller.  Line up and let's go.' and they just do it.  Like it's no big thing.  
Unfortunately, because I'm on skates and trying to help with their practice, I haven't gotten pictures.  But you should trust me when I say that these girls are fierce and some day you will get to see them play, I'm sure!

Luckily, we still have the ShockYard ladies coming out at least once a month to help us learn strategy and more advanced moves.  
Power slides
moon walk
 Again, another practice I sat out.  Fresh meat practices overlap our regular Friday practices (because of time constraints at our space) and I hate jumping into the middle of practices when we have guests...it's just awkward.  (another clue that I may not be cut out for this sport...I hate drawing attention to myself!)  I can actually do the moonwalk, though.  I used to dazzle my friends at the open skate nights, our first year.  Power slide...not so much.

We also had another great guest come by.  After she skated with us during our session with the Mass Maelstrom guys,  Painya Collida came back to lead a practice for us last week.  I'm hoping to have more news on where this relationship goes, in the future!  (thought I had pictures, but I don't, sorry)  She has coached some derby teams in the past, but is currently not skating with a league, because she just moved here, recently.  We're excited to have her on our contacts list!

I'm still easing back into regular skating.  It's actually rather hard to get back into the swing of things.  Possibly another indicator as to how my heart truly feels?  I love skating with these ladies!  I love how far they have come!  Last month, I wanted to play in our open scrimmage, but felt I wasn't quite ready and wanted to try my hand at NSO'ing.  This month I decided I was gonna go for it...whatever happens happens, right?  How can I really know if I want to play, if I never put myself in the game!?  I pushed myself to get into practices and even worked up the nerve to do the apex jump drills I sat out of last time.  I made the declaration that I would skate in this month's scrimmage, and I was ready.
Then I hurt myself at work.  In my normal life, it isn't an injury, really.  I little tweak to my hip, after slipping on some wet leaves while trying to hold back a massive bale of cardboard on a pallet jack...down hill.  Normally, for me, having a little pain shoot through my hip every few steps isn't a big deal.  I'm not a cry baby, trust me.  But the thought of putting skates into the equation and several others skating around me, seemed dangerous.  I don't want to be the girl whose leg gives out in the middle of a pack skate and takes down everyone around me, knowing I was injured from the start.  So, now I'm feeling like I shouldn't scrimmage.  And I'm not sure how badly I feel about it.  If I'm so on the fence about how much I really want to play...does that mean I probably don't really have that fire inside me anymore?  Is the love lost?  I'm beginning to think this dilemma is driving me mad!

Well, my sanity aside, here's what you need to know:
1. Our fresh meat (I kinda want to call them Fresh Catch, because we're a seaside league...I'll try to get it to catch on) is doing so well!  I am truly excited to be a part of our new recruit program!  Their natural skills and, more importantly, their desire to do well and be a positive addition to our league is amazing.
2. Do YOU want to be a part of this?  Do YOU want to see if you have the desire and fire and drive to be a roller girl?  or Referee?  or Non-skating Official?  We need you!  We want you!  Get yourselves through the holidays and plan ahead for our next Meat & Greet!  It's January 5, that's a Monday.  Come get info, and if you are hooked, practices will start that Friday (January 9)!!
Here's the link to our facebook event page: MEAT & GREET! (and remember: the meat & greet is a no obligation information session.  It's not a bout so don't bring the kids, it's just a chance to see a practice, meet some roller girls, and see if you'd like to join.  Just a fun night out!)
3. Do you PLAY already and plan to be on Cape Friday November 21?  Wanna come play some roller derby with us?  We're having a mixed open scrimmage.  Check out THIS link for more info on our facebook event page.

Wait!  Who's Phoebe???
Well, I don't know much about Phoebe.  Maybe I should've brought my notepad and turned the tables on her!  She is working at our local NPR station in Woods Hole, WCAI. (OOPS! update/edit: Phoebe is actually a student in a program founded by the people who run WCAI...the Transom program.  Sorry, for forgetting the important details, Phoebe! I will never be a real reporter.) She stopped by a couple weeks ago to get into our heads, about derby.  While we've had reporters talk to us before, and I've had a couple quotes printed in our league articles, I've never had a microphone to my face while bundled up, head to toe, chatting in a freezing warehouse.
Totally natural!
I don't know when this will air, but it will be good!  This girl was thorough and effing adorable!  She came back to our fresh meat practice, later in the week, to get more info, and really get into the action!  If you remember last time we had a female reporter skate with us, she joined the league...It's how we got our Jacqui O'No!
With Lulu and Mini...I mean, come on!  She's a natural!
Keep an eye on our facebook page, as I'm sure we'll let you know when this piece airs.  
Hi Phoebe!  ;)