Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How can November be less than a week away!?

You know, this time of year has always been a busy time for everyone.  For me, it's that Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years combo.  This year, I've added Halloween back into that mix.  It's been years since Halloween has been considered a 'busy time of year'.  This year, roller derby has made it so that I can not just watch Halloween pass by and wait for my usual holiday craziness to start.
This year, we had a Halloween scrimmage.  Not a public event, but a friendly mixed scrimmage with us and anyone from neighboring leagues, who might want to play a little during the off-season.
we had cookies!!
handmade adorable edibles, by Mighty Medge.  (and also candy...because it's Halloween.)
Warm ups....

...officials (some of them)
 The game is on! 
This may have been half time...or a time out...or just a random second I had to snap a picture.  As Penalty Box Manager, for the very first time ever, all I could think about was not messing up!  Which I did anyway.  But since it was just a friendly game to kill some time and get some game time practice in, it wasn't a big deal.  (to me, anyway)

But wait, there's more...
For the first time ever, Cape Cod Roller Derby will be not only attending, but we will also have some judges at the Cape Cod & Islands Facial Hair Club Beard & Mustache Competition in November!  
Mini D. Molish, Jacqui O'No, and Nan Suckit will be judging!!  what fun!
We'll also have a table manned by some of our other players and officials.  Stop by and say hi.  Grab some info on the league and our next Meat & Greet to welcome new recruits.  Maybe buy a tee shirt or bumper sticker to show your support for your local roller derby!
November 9...2pm...Rum Runners...mark your calendars.

Our newest Fresh Catch skaters are doing great!! Progressing and getting involved in all aspects of our league.  It's a lot of work to play roller derby and these girls are all in.  We are so happy to have them with the league!

so...what do you need to remember?
**November 9...Rum Runners...2pm...facial hair shenanigans and derby girls
**watch for our next meat & greet
**we're still practicing with mixed league scrimmages...practicing all the time for our next public bout

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fresh Meat: 3 weeks in...

We are moving right along, these days!  Our newest group of fresh meat skaters is really amazing!  So much positivity and enthusiasm!  I'm impressed, not only by their drive to get better at skating and derby skills, but also by how active they are in improving on other derby levels.  Working out and strength training outside of practice.  Researching videos of basic skills and watching derby.  Learning rules and attending our league NSO clinics.  I mean...they just want it and you can really tell!  Mighty Medge, Laura Lock-Up, Lulu Nori Morse, and myself are working with these girls every Friday, with the help of other league members that step up and help guide these new skaters.  The past few weeks (and probably most of the rest of her life, because she's awesome) Smack Frost is always willing to step in and help, too.
stepping drills...learning to balance in skates!
preparing to do some shuffle steps...pardon my giant arse.
Next thing you know, I'll be introducing these ladies with some new player profiles!

In other news, we had some visitors from Mass Maelstrom...the nearby men's league.  They are headed to Champs and had a fundraiser.  We donated some money to have them come lead us in a 2 hour practice.  It is amazing to see the speed of the male skaters.  They don't hold back!

Thanks to No Big Deal and Colleran for giving us some strategy tips and a great workout!!  Good luck at Champs, guys!

We're still working on trying to find a place to skate where we can invite the public to watch.  This has been one of our biggest hurdles in moving to the next level with this league.  The Cape needs a roller rink...plain and simple.  But, until then, I will just continue to urge you to keep watching our facebook page for updates.

Next weekend I'm running in a 5K...no story there, just have to keep reminding myself, because I apparently think I can do it without actually running at all, in the meantime.  My goal, as with all other 5K's I've done: just keep running.  No matter how much I have to slow down...just keep running.

That's all for now, party people...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Warning: this one's moody

Mood #1: Happy!
(let's start off on a high note...)
I went apple picking with some friends this past weekend.  It was a laugh-a-minute, and it was nice to get off Cape without spending the whole day away from the safety of my home.
Jen, Paula, Susie, Me, Casey, and Laura
(photo credit: the guy marking bags as you leave the orchard)
A direct result of that trip...a freaking massive amount of apples.  I don't like warm, mushy apples so I was at a loss as to what to do with these apples (other than just eat them).  Apple fritters, being close to a donut and allowing me to have minuscule apple bits, seemed my best option.
I'm mixing!!!
I'm frying!!
One problem...I thought this would take care of at least 3 apples.  I used one.  I still have a dozen apples left!  I guess I could make a ton of fritters, freeze them, and bring them to family Christmas.
Fun facts about my cooking adventure:  my powdered sugar had turned into a rock.  No glaze, I guess.  I found enough granulated sugar to roll this one batch (barely), but had to use brown in the mix, since I didn't actually think I had any white sugar to begin with.  Fun times.
Maybe some apple cookies or muffins?  I guess I'll have to go buy some sugar.

Mood #2: Crabby
(so what else is new)
My life is pretty damn good, in the grand scheme of things.  I am certainly not complaining about that.  But sometimes, I just start to get too wrapped up in things and start to take stuff too personally and seriously.  I hate that!  It annoys me to no end when people get wrapped up in the small stuff, so when it happens to me, I have the added frustration of knowing I'm acting like 'those people'.  But i'm not getting into the why...i just needed to get it off my chest a little....

Mood #3: Confusion
(is that a 'mood' or an 'emotion'?  is there a difference?)
I'm still really struggling with this derby thing.  Oh, right...roller derby...this is my blog about how roller derby fits into my life!  Well, I'm still trying to figure out how or if it does.
I enjoy it.  I had a blast playing in our scrimmage bout.  I like practicing and having a good time.  I like being a part of this amazing thing happening on Cape Cod.
I don't like how it takes over my life.  I don't like feeling like I'm letting down an entire group of people by missing practice.  I don't like drama.
Taking a month from skating was supposed to help me decide if derby could fit in my life.  Instead, I think it made it harder.  I'm back to working out hard, like I did before derby, and I love that feeling.
I'm afraid I may be too much of a loner to fit into this sport.
But the jury is still out.  I'm still giving it a go, and I'm back to skating this month.  I'm helping out with our new recruits on Fridays and I already feel the new energy will help.   Let's just see how this month works out.

Mood #4: Excited
(let's end on a high note, too)
I have had a pretty successful couple weeks back on the ol' workout wagon.  I'm feeling those muscles in my back again!  My thighs are happy to get some different movement than just skating.  Feeling like daily workouts are becoming habit again!! yay!