Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hey, Cape Cod...Peep on this...You won't be sorry.

It's summer on Cape Cod!!!
And Cape Cod Roller Derby is back in Hy-Town!!
We're back with our Wednesday Open Skate nights AND we're practicing for our big game, coming up in August! (August 9...doors open at 4PM)
This is our summer space.

These are our greeters, at open skate.
This is where you agree to skate at your own risk. 

So...Wednesday nights...you're 18+, you have $10 burning a hole in your pocket (along with your insurance card), and you are curious about joining roller derby OR you just want to skate for a couple hours...come on down to the Hyannis Youth & Community Center (HYCC) and hang ouy for a bit!  We're there from 6:30-8:30 pm, every Wednesday, until August 20!
Here's a look at how much fun you could be having....
 We like to set up some cones, in case you want to try out some of our drills...
 We're happy to say that skaters from neighboring and nearby leagues will also show up to skate around for a couple hours! Come meet some new people...pen pals!

 Some of our regular members bring their friends...and look how much fun they have!!!

We like to get in some extra practice time on Wednesdays...come check out some of the drills we do in practice!

We also like to just skate around and have fun!!

Skating and Roller Derby are F.U.N.!!!

here's some stuff you should know:
Our first public appearance is around the corner!!! The moment we have all been waiting for!  
Mark your calendars....
August 9, that's a Saturday.
Doors open at 4 pm...admission is $10/adult; $5/ages 6-17; FREE/5 and under...action starts at 5 pm.
You probably want to know who we are playing.  Well, we have split our league into it's first TWO teams! 
 Cape Cod Roller Derby now has 2 teams!  

The first, the original...SALTY DOLLS.  They're sweet and salty and ready to hoist anchor!

Our newest team...DOCKYARD DAMES.  These girls are ready to work!  
(I'm a Dame, by the way)

Wanna win free admission??
Of course, you do!
Here's how:
If you haven't yet (though I can't imagine how you could let that happen!), go like our facebook page!!
A few posts back, we introduced Sally Siren, our roller derby mascot.  Keep your eyes peeled for some future posts (one a week till game day!) where you'll have to guess where Sally's hanging out for the day. Be the first to comment the correct answer to win. It's fun!  It's interactive!  It's a chance to win free admission for 2!! (sorry, everybody is only eligible to win once.  Gotta give everyone a fighting chance.)  

Here's a link for the facebook event page: BIG GAME!

Here are some pics from practice to get you pumped for the big event (august 9th...don't forget!)
 Lots of these ladies will be there.

 Bombshell Shock, of Shockyard Fitness & Social Club and occasional guest coach, will be bench coaching for the Salty Dolls! And her partner, and our other occasional guest coach (we love these ladies!!) will be coaching the Dockyard Dames!(Bombshell is the one on the left, standing) ...also, here's their website ;) Shockyard

 Tons of blocking...tons of jamming!


 And, of course, Talya Mama will be there!!

Seriously...don't miss out...go like our page and come see our first public appearance.  
Family friendly, 50/50 raffle, a prize raffle, and 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Updates!!

We're back at the Rec in Hyannis!!
Wednesday nights...6:30-8:30
Come watch us skate, or bring your skates and protective gear, and skate with us!!
18+ to skate...$10/person
Hartless, Dussault & Battery, and A Rd Nek...chillin'
 We'll be practicing some drills while we're there...getting ready for our first big public exhibition game!
Lulu Nori Morse and Hartless gettin' it done, and holding back Bandita!
Wanna just come hang out, meet some skaters, and see a bit of what we do in practice...what you can expect during a roller derby 'bout'?  Come on down to Hy-Town!!
Steph's at the merch table...grab a tee, a bumper sticker, or a CCRD pin!
While I have your attention...and you're thinking about stopping by some Wednesday evening...you should get your calendar out, and mark this date: AUGUST 9, SATURDAY.
Why?  Because once you see us having a little fun with our practice drills, you are not going to want to miss our first ever, public game.  We're coming out!!  It's going to be an exhibition game with just us CAPE COD ROLLER DERBY girls playing against each other.  It'll be fun for the whole family...half time show, 50/50 raffle, and while you're there, you should probably snap a picture with your favorite derby dolls!!  
Here's the specifics, all in one place:
Saturday, August 9...doors open at 4, first whistle at 5pm...At  the Hyannis Youth & Community Center...tickets are $10

We also have a skills clinic starting up this month! July 18 (that's a Friday).  6 Fridays (6-7:30 pm) of learning to skate.  For anyone interested in possibly joining derby, improve your skating skills, become a ref (this is a job for the men, too!!). You should email Lynne/Talia if you're interested: capecodrollerderby@yahoo.com

And, again...don't forget about our Wednesday skate nights! $10/skate...6:30-8:30.  It's a great way to see if you want to sign up for the skills clinic!

Keep up with us on facebook, too!