Monday, June 2, 2014

Northeast Derby Convention: um, omg!

So, yeah...some of the league headed to Providence, Rhode Island for a derby convention over Memorial Day weekend.  There were a ton of 'O.M.G!' moments.  Like being up close and in the personal space of some derby famous peeps like, Suzy Hotrod, Quadzilla, Smarty Pants, and Punchy O'Guts, to name a few.
Smack Frost, Boom Boom Kitty, Suzy Hotrod, Emma Getcha, & Laura Lock Up after class.
Over the past week we've been attempting to make sense of the mounds of notes (both actual -pen to paper, and mental) and use our new-found knowledge to take our league to the next level.  Most of our skaters that were there did actually skate with these amazing players/teachers.  Now our girls can show us what they learned!

Though we've only been scrimmaging during practice for a short time, our fearless dolls went out there and gave it their all!! Skating along side one of the most gravity-defying skaters, Quadzilla, they jammed and blocked with the best of them and totally held their own!  (So proud!!)
Hex (from MARD), Quadzilla, Mini D. Molish, Boom Boom Kitty, and Nan Suckit waiting for the next jam.
I'll save all my oohing and ahhing and just post some fun pics from the Black & White scrimmage...
Bandita (with the star) getting through the pack!
Watching and waiting.
First (of 2) Black & White Scrimmage of the weekend...learning the rules.
Mini D. Molish, through the pack!
Emma Getcha, keeping the white jammer out and back.
You never miss an opportunity to learn from Quadzilla!  I think every Cape Cod skater there was taking this class!