Thursday, March 27, 2014

March, in review...

First of all...
This cool thing was made by my sister's fiance!
As part of our Fundraiser's Silent Auction, it was won by fellow skater, Jacqui O-No!

So far, 2014 has been a whirlwind!  We started it by just coming out of our first league assessments.  Then we jumped right into our first 6-week fresh meat clinic of the year, which is just winding down next week.  Thrown in the middle we had our first fundraiser of the year (only our second, since the league's inception), which was a huge success.
Let's start our re-cap with some general skater news, shall we?

GUESTS!! We love 'em!  We are eternally grateful for them!  And we are thrilled beyond belief when they come back for more!! Added to our list, so far this year, we welcomed Merry Khaos, Shock'n Roll, and Bombshell Shock. Shockie and Bombshell have become some serious mentors to our league, going so far as to get some of us to take weekly trips to Plymouth to have the most fun a person could have while working out!  If you're in the Plymouth area, you should definately check out their place, Shockyard Fitness & Social Club. (here's their FaceBook page: Shockyard Fitness & Social Club They have some fun events coming up,too.)
Merry Khaos had one of the first YouTube videos I watched when just learning about derby.  It was fun meeting her in person.  She showed us a thing or two on skates, but also reminded us of the importance of hydration and the proper nutrition.  We are athletes now...sometimes we forget.  Some of us have never been athletes!  It's a whole new lifestyle.  (If you're interested in Merry Khaos (Kristie Grey), check out her facebook page...from there, you can also access her HerbaLife website, if you're interested in what that's all about.)

Okay...while guests are a HUGE part of our success in moving forward to that day I get to post that we have a scrimmage coming up, this league has had a lot going on in March.  So much, that I just haven't had a chance to share.  So, to those of you close to me, you're in for some old news.  Sorry.

For those of you just finding this blog, or those of you who don't stalk me at Trader Joe's (love you little stalkers!)...this may actually be news?
 Let's see...
Well, we are wrapping up our very first 6-week long Fresh Meat clinic.  For the past 5 Fridays, we've opened our doors for a small group of new potential skaters.  They have been learning and practicing the WFTDA level 1 & 2 skills.  These are the skills they need to be able to execute in order to join our league.  It is an exciting time for CCRD!  This is the first time we've done it this way and we think it will allow new skaters a smoother transition into our regular practices.  In a couple weeks, anyone from the clinic who thinks she's ready to show her stuff and see if she's got what it takes, will have that chance.  By this time next month, the CCRD family may have some new members!
If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining one of our future Fresh Meat Clinic Series, please keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.  You may also like to get on our email list, by shooting Lynne or Talia a message.

While these ladies are getting their basics in order, we are moving full-speed ahead into our level 5 skills.  
What the hell is a level 5 skill?
Well, it's basically the point where you start hitting opponents, blocking opponents, and learning how to avoid being hit or blocked by opponents.  It's the meat of the game.  We are also really starting to learn how to merge any knowledge we have of the rules and game play into actual game play situations.
It's basically when shit gets real.  
This is when the knowledge and experience of our guests really comes in handy!!'s exciting, nerve-wracking, and a necessity. I am disappointed in myself for completely spacing on posting about this first one, since it was a story done by a woman who ultimately joined the league (the adorable, Jacqui Mysliwiec).  And, since it's in a monthly publication and the month is nearly over!!
So, to make sure you have time to go out and grab a copy:
Cape Cod Magazine's March issue of Power Women included a great story about the league.  
Complete with beautiful pics by Luke Simpson.

We also had a band of merry men come get all rough and tumble with us.
Have you heard of The Real Cape

Well, they're a quirky bunch and they weren't afraid to send their intern in (fully suited up for a game of professional hockey) to get pushed around by a bunch of girls.  I'm sure you men out there can guess how much fun that would be, so eventually, there were two dudes up against our fury.  Hilarity ensued, skaters hit the deck, and everyone laughed heartily. 
We're still waiting on the finished product from the crew over at The Real Cape...stay tuned to our facebook page and their website for that little gem!

We had our first fundraiser of the new year...only our second since the beginning of the league.  
Cape Cod Beer let us use their space for our event.  We had music, raffles, silent auction, 4 amazing musicians/groups, and beer!!  
Salty Doll IPA was brewed for us, for this event. 

Some of our league members made cookies, which we offered to party people for free. 

Also included in the admission price: FREE BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM!!  We had pizza (Thank you, Scottie's pizza and Royal II) and non-alcoholic beverages available, too.  And face painting!  It really was fun for the whole family.  
The place was packed and people had a great time.  

OH! And this awesome door prize (a digital print signed by all the Dolls), which one of our current Freshies won!!! Right on, Grace!!

So, you can see a lot has happened this month.  Still on the books for the upcoming weeks (besides, pushing ahead to be ready to give the public what it wants...some live action roller derby):
* Some of us are headed out to Taunton to see MARD (Mass Attack Roller Derby) in a double-header in April.  Go HERE if you want to see some roller derby off-cape while you wait for us....get your head in the game.)
* Memorial Day Weekend is going to be big for a bunch of us headed to Providence for a weekend long Roller Derby Convention.  This is huge! we are going to meet some derby royalty and learn from the best!
* Wanna learn about WFTDA rules?  See what it takes to be an NSO (non-skating official...yes, i said NON SKATING!! there is a job for anyone who wants one, when it comes to roller derby!) and Referees by maybe attending this seminar.  Some of our league members are headed up for some learnin'!
April 18... go HERE to get more info!!

And that's it, in a nutshell.  What I can remember...what I can predict.  
Please remember to 'like' us on facebook to keep up with what's happening.  And tell your friends.  And tell your friends to be refs and NSO's.  And you should also think about reffing or officiating.