Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A bit of nostalgia...

We had our usual practice last night, followed by a quick meeting of the training committee, so we could touch base on a few things and discuss our progression.  Of course, that lead to the realization that we're 9 months into this!  I couldn't help but go back and look at the photos that we have been collecting, to chronicle our journey.

And, then share them with you!
First meeting! Rendezvous Cafe was so nice to stay open for this historic meeting!
A trip to Rhode Island!
Our first time skating together! A small group went to a clinic put on by the Providence Roller Derby League.  To stop, back then, we just ran into the wall.  No joke!
So, 9 months ago, we were just heading into Spring...with no place to skate!
Except outdoors...or, waaaay off Cape.
Every open, paved area was fair game for skating, as far as we were concerned!
This was back in our days of knee high and tutu shopping...that is what derby was for us... back then...before we had regular skating to keep us occupied.

We needed a way to let people know this thing was happening!
We got our first big chance at exposure, when we wandered around the Chili Cook-Off in Hyannis. 
Most of us still didn't even have gear yet!  But you can bet as soon as someone got her skates, you'd see the post on Facebook!

The arrival of my gear...well, my first pair of skates and wheels, that is. I now have a second pair of skates, 3 more sets of wheels, and a new mouth guard!  But I don't have nearly as many pairs of knee highs as the other girls.
Then, in April, we found ourselves on a real rink floor!  The melted ice rink of the Hyannis Youth & Community Center.  
Our first home, in Hyannis...when we had a lot of confused looks and had a hard time skating in a line.  It amazes me how far we have come from those days!
This is where we learned the basics.  This is where we really began to bond as a team.  This is where we were faced with our first injuries.  We had birthdays, a bout watching party, after practice drinks, organized our first fundraiser, had several reporters and photographers stop by, and we even got to present one of our girls with a great big surprise for her wedding!
Short Fuse totally cried when we gave her a handful of money to buy new skates, as a wedding gift!
Our debut in the Cape Cod Times.  This article not only put a lot of focus on us, helping to get word our about us and our fundraiser, but also launched a lasting friendship with our official Number One Fan, Rob Conery.
I know I will never forget my first live bout, either!  
A trip to Ohio, for my father-in-law's 80th birthday, was made even more special for me when he agreed to let us take him to see a local bout!  So much fun!
Birthday gift for father-in-law...'just because' gift for me!
We have come so far as a team.  I have definitely changed, for the better, as a person.  I have a long way to go, but the way I push myself is surprising to me, each time I go through a practice.

Don't worry...I'll post soon with another installment of 'our journey down memory lane'...this is just memories of 'phase one'!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

News, updates, nonsense...

New logo!? What!!??
Rad new logo.  Compilation of old & new, just like our league!
That's right!  We have a super cool new logo.  Our leading ladies opened the floor to suggestions, in the form of our illustrated ideas.  Some girls did their own stuff (including, of course, Dear Stabby, the creator of the original league Roller Skate logo); while others had relatives join in the fun (which is how we got this super cool broad, by way of our Amy's bro).  We basically replaced the skate with a kick ass derby girl.  I'm diggin' it, and hopefully everyone else does, too!  If you've already fallen in love and decided you need a tee shirt or sweatshirt, go on over here and pre-order yours.  I think pre-order ends soon (possibly tomorrow?) but we'll have more on hand if you wanna take your chances with what's 'in stock' later.
...in case you missed that link:  Cape Cod Roller Derby NEW LOGO shirts!! ( <--- click that link!)

Okay...on with more news and such...
Let's see, 
Another one of the Jen's and I ran the Halloween Hustle 5K on the 27th!  I think it was just the second for both of us, but our first together.  We're hoping to make it to the Post-Thanksgiving 5K on the Saturday after Thanksgiving...hoping.
Dussault&Battery and Jenerally Hartless lookin' mean...and super cute, at the same time!
This is just a super adorable picture from our trip to see the Bay State Brawlers bout back at the beginning of October.  Weirdos! 
DreamReaver, Dussault&Battery, Jenerally Hartless, and Gutsy Flora (photo cred: BoomBoomKitty)
But what are we actually doing??
Well, we're working hard to get proficient at our 'minimum skills' as laid out by the WFTDA guidelines.
The Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) tells us what we need to know, and the roads we need to take, on our journey towards actual roller derby bouting (or, competing).  Roller derby is so much more than simply strapping on a pair of skates and pushing other girls around.  
We, being a league that is under a year old, are still learning the basics.  Our two 2-hour practice sessions each week are devoted to learning these minimum skills.  If you're curious what exactly we need to be able to do to progress, go ahead and check out the guidelines here.  Not only do we need to be able to skate safely and hit effectively, we also need to be able to get hit and recover safely and smoothly, we need to know ref signals just like in any other sport, and we also need to take a written test to be sure we know the rules (yes, there are rules in roller derby!)
So, we've been perfecting our skating, falling, balancing, and endurance.  
We've welcomed a couple new skaters, so we are also trying to integrate them into our family/team as smoothly as possible.  There's a lot of planning going on here!  In fact, as training-head-elect, I spend many nights with my training manuals and laptop (hard to say if I'm still married...??).

What else are we doing?  We're having a blast!  

Remember: we have a facebook fan page that you and your friends should check out.  Once you see it, I'm sure you'll want to 'like' it and follow along.  Especially if you or someone you know wants to be a part of history.  We are in serious need of refs and NSO's (non-skating officials...the score keepers, penalty box timers, announcers, and other such non-wheeled necessities!).  If you are interested, these are not gender specific roles in roller derby!  

And, lastly (for now)...
Co-founder Lynne, Rob, co-founder Talia, Dussault&Battery, and Laura...good group, right there!

We are also getting out and hangin', just being locals!  Supporting our community and fellow skater (Emma Getcha) in her band, The Ticks, and getting some quality time with local writer and CCRD's official number 1 fan, Rob Conery!
Sue, Julia, Emma...The Ticks! (photo cred: Dave...Sue's hubby!)