Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where would a Cape Cod Doll practice roller derby?

Well, anywhere she could, really!
But, for now...
at the harbor, in a boat garage, of course!

Sesuit Harbor, Dennis, MA

The day I remembered my phone was also a camera (doy!) was a rainy one.  Grey, wet, dismal.
At least we'd get to skate, right?
Our new home...for now.

Or little savior space, that day, was housing two small boats, a truck, a car, and a giant forklift.  And, lots of puddles.  It was the first day our new Training Committee would get together and hash out some plans (well, most of the committee, anyway).  We were happy...we thought we had it all figured out and we just move forward with our plans.  
Who here ever has plans work out flawlessly??  
Most of the obstacles were removed, but the boats remained.  And the puddles.  And the oil spills.  But somehow, we got it together and we had one hell of a practice, mostly in our sneakers, but a highly effective practice, nonetheless.

This space is temporary and we are happy to have it.  we are happy to have a place to go even in the event that it does rain.  Because, even if we didn't get kicked off the tennis courts, rain would certainly keep us off!
I'll take the challenge until we are able to work out a better solution.
We just want to skate...we just want to feel like we are making some progress...we just wanna have fun!
Who could ask for a better view during practice!?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My personal 'derby effect'

Life is ever-changing, and we, as humans, must also change in order to keep up.
Roller derby has changed me.

I have always been quick to give excuses as to why I'm not doing this or that.  Turning down invites from friends because 'hanging out' is just not what I do.  I like to be alone.  I like to have my time to myself.  And, often I like to just sit still because my job (and all jobs I've had in the past) involves a lot of manual labor and constant movement.  So, that means I skip my workout, and I push my plans to get into the studio to the next day, thinking I'll have more energy and/or desire 'tomorrow'.  Not really sure why I think tomorrow will be any different...it never is.

This attitude does not work well in a life involving derby.  
I can't be a slacker any more.  I always make time for practice...it's part of my life now.  But, unfortunately it was another excuse to not workout...to not be creative and work on my jewelry.
I've found out, though, that in order to have any success with derby, I have to workout!  I have to eat better and plan my days better.  

In a round-about way, roller derby has also inspired me to get back into the studio.  
I was contacted by a person who saw my stuff AND that I was involved in the Cape Cod Roller Derby League, and she invited me to sell my stuff at an event she coordinates.  A co-worker asked me about the fundraiser we had, which lead, ultimately, to her buying one of my necklaces (for her sister...then, she decided to give it to her daughter...now, she has decided to keep it for herself!).
More importantly, being involved with this team, I have learned valuable life lessons.  I have gained a lot of confidence in my work.  Some how, I have realized my talents outside of roller derby because of roller derby.

I'm not a great skater, but I am learning to trust myself on my skates.  I'm slowly learning that I need to push myself and be okay with the stumbles...be more willing to actually fall, if that's what it takes to improve.

I have had a number of co-workers comment on my attitude since joining derby.  'Wow!  This derby thing is really bringing out some aggression in you!'  Of course, they don't mean 'aggression' like I'm going around hitting things or getting angry with people.  They mean 'backbone'.  They mean I am acting like I know my own self-worth.  They mean it in a very positive way.  (at least, I think they do!)

Roller derby has reminded me, or even taught me, that I can do (or choose not to do) whatever pleases me in my life (within reason, of course!!).

If I want to play roller derby, make and sell jewelry, and fix an old broken down classic car- I can!  But if I want to do it all during the same lifetime, then I need discipline and focus.  I need to push myself past that place where 'I'm doing it' to 'I'm KILLING it!'

I need to make time for a lot of things now, but if they turn out to be important enough to me, then they will get done.  
That is why my friends can never come to my house...because cleaning my house is at the bottom of my priority list!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

End of Chapter One

Our time at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center has come to an end.  We all knew it was coming, and we've feverishly been trying to find a new place to skate.  Well, to be fair, we've all been wondering and keeping our eyes and ears on the street to see if anything presents itself; while, Lynne and Talia have been doing all the legwork to try to get us into some new digs before we all cry ourselves to sleep wondering if we will still be skating outdoors when it starts snowing.  (yes, i'm being over-dramatic)

We were set to skate our last official skate this coming Monday.  Before last night's open skate (the last one!), we found out they were starting the re-icing process that Monday and we would not be able to use the rink.  Our fearless leaders tried booking a Sunday skate, to get that last skate in, but Sundays are hard for most of us, with such short notice.  Sadly, that meant last night would be it.  Now we are nomads...forever roaming the parks of Cape Cod in search of a surface for skating.

What's the big deal?  There are plenty of paved surfaces!  Yes, and plenty of grumpy old tennis players who think we're going to terrorize the communities and ruin their precious courts.

So, I'm trying to find some detailed proof that skating will indeed damage these courts.  All I can seem to find, as far as legitimate info that means something more than the opinion of a tennis player, is listed on sites for court resurfacing.  Of course I trust the advice of the professionals, but I would really love an actual explanation as to WHY or HOW the wheels damage the surface.  Is it the weight?  Is it the hardness of the wheels/softness of the surface?  Is it the movement...i.e. the edges of the wheels digging into the surface as the skater turns?  I just want some answers!  And, so far, I can not figure out where to find them.
This time of year, it is definitely hard to find a tennis court that is unoccupied.  Basketball courts are better, in that, people are less worried about damage to the surface, but around here they are more like half courts (so, smaller).
There are a few parking lots of empty buildings.  We will probably give those a shot if we run into too much trouble with the parks.  But, ultimately it is our goal to find an indoor space that we can call home.  A warehouse of some sort with a nice smooth floor, like the rink we've been skating on.  Maybe we have to get 'housemates' to share the costs, but that would be fine...fun, even, if it's the right mix!

This is our dream!
I'd love for this blog to be about my journey into the world of roller derby.  My experiences as fresh meat, my trials and tribulations, the moment I start scrimmaging and eventually actually bouting.
But, right now, my experiences are limited to my constant struggle with plow stops and my inability to do a proper baseball slide!
And, a major part of my derby life is the issue of venue.  Which means, most of my posts are going to either begin or end with (or possibly just be full of) my pleas for help.
*Are you a local? 
*Do you know someone who may know someone who has or can find a place big enough for us to do this derby thing for real?
*Do you feel compelled to help us make history here on Cape Cod?
Well, whether you do or you don't, I'm posting the link to our fundraiser page. HERE.
And, the link to our Cape Cod Roller Derby Facebook page (HERE), in case you want to get in touch with the girls in charge (you know, if you wanted to get involved in any way...Lynne and Talia are the girls you need to know!).

This is going to be big...but, it's gonna take a lot more work, and a lot of support from the communities of Cape Cod!  Thanks for being awesome...thanks for helping us out!