Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This group of girls has grown in numbers!

So far this blog has been pretty much 'what's up with the Cape Cod Roller Derby League' info.  Today is no different.  We had our first fundraiser and it was a pretty good first go-'round.  
We made some money for the league.  We got local businesses to show their support of our group (there wasn't too much arm-twisting...our local businesses are amazing!).  We got a lot of people interested in what we're doing.  And, we had fun!
On a personal note, I was there to help out, but I also had a table of my jewelry to sell.
(view from behind my booth...)

Yeah! new (old) music!!
I bid on a couple things and won an awesome CD collection of music from my youth...some of it is stuff I remember, some of it is stuff I wished I'd listened to more, some of it is just crazy 'perfect summer driving' music!  I was also instructed, via text, by Hubby to bid on the Cape Air plane tickets to Nantucket...we also won those.  So, basically, all the money I made selling my jewelry went right back into the Cape Cod Roller Derby Bankroll...which I'm perfectly happy with!  Funny story...8 tables (i think) of stuff to buy from crafters...3 were members of the league!  Crafty ladies playing roller derby!  

A small crowd.
The event had a slow start, but began to pick up about mid-way through.  There was live music, so I think people were planning their visit on that.  Ben & Jerry's provided free ice cream all day!!  The Underground Bakery in Dennis donated a ton of cookies, in addition to the items they donated for the silent auction!  
Eric Clark, local tension-relieving God apparently, was on hand for free massages!  I don't like strangers touching me, so I did not partake, but I saw a lot of derby girls getting in that chair!

And, in other news...
This week the story comes out in The Cape Cod Chronicle newspaper.  It is amazing that with every new bit of exposure we get, still more people gain interest in this awesome group!

Our guest coach, Flash Bayou, is really whipping us into shape.  We were all getting a little too comfortable just sort of sticking with what we knew.  Feeling good about getting steady on our skates and learning a few new tricks.  But, at some point, you have to progress.  Push yourself past that comfort zone...create a new zone...another zone to push through.  It is hard being a new league and not having the experience to know what to do next...how to push forward.  Flash is helping us get there, and it's making all the difference.

We have new girls joining our group almost every week now.  We're testing ourselves and moving forward.  It's getting real; it's getting serious.  Our time at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center is coming to an end soon.  My hope is that my next blog (or soon after) I will be able to report that we have a new space to skate.  The fundraiser helped us move toward that goal, I think, so my hopes are high.  The co-founders are really kicking ass in the 'details' department!

So, that's the latest.  We're working hard and still having fun, so it seems we're right on track!
One last thing...if you missed the fundraiser, but you feel strongly about this group and it's message of female empowerment and athleticism...feel free to check out our PayItSquare page.  Maybe you've got a little spare change you'd like to chip in?  

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