Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

More press!?
More intense practices?
More girls being invited to join the league?
More hitting! More injuries.
But, not 'more pictures'.

I never stop to grab my phone and snap a few pics!  And then I sit down to punch out this blog and realize...what a lame blog this is going to be if I never get any pictures to post!
Welcome to my lame blog...
This will be more...'informational'...

We're going to be in another local publication.  The Cape Cod Chronicle, Chatham & Harwich's local newspaper.  Locally owned and run by one of the nicest men I have had the pleasure of meeting.  My husband worked there for 6 or so years when we first moved to Chatham.  Our first apartment together.  We both worked locally, walked to work, enjoyed small town living.  Hank, the owner of the paper, was always so generous...giving us gift certificates to our favorite restaurants and lending us his truck.  He has a long-time, loyal staff that just proves he is a boss with integrity and compassion.
I was surprised one day last week, when I got a message on Facebook from the sports reporter, Eric.  When he started at the newspaper, we were excited to see a 'young person' in our neighborhood!  The three of us hung out on occasion, watched a few Super Bowls together, and maybe spent some holidays together when he wasn't headed home to be with his family.  
But I haven't seen him in years.  'He probably wants to do a story on your roller derby,' Jason said, when I mentioned the message popping up.
He was right.  
Well, last night was the 'photo shoot'.  Eric is a phenomenal photographer.  I would love to have some of those pics for my blog, but we'll all just have to wait for the article to come out (this Thursday, I think!).

Anyway, I guess I got a little personal on this one?

Derby equipment note:  I think I finally found a lacing technique to keep my skates tight, minimal heel slippage, and no foot pain or numbness!  The Ladder.
Derby practice progression:  working on more agility and hitting drills...it's getting pretty awesome and real!
Derby injury report: sadly, we're at a sprained wrist and a broken humerus.  (I'm getting my supplemental disability insurance ASAP!  Meeting an agent to sign me up Thursday!)
Derby fun and excitement level: CODE RED!

One last reminder: 
Don't forget about our first ever 
Cape Cod Roller Derby League Fundraiser!
Saturday, June 22
here's the facebook link (RAD!) so you can see all the awesome stuff happening
and a peek at what you can score in the silent auctions 
oh,  and the big raffle! Don't forget about those round-trip tickets to Nantucket!
See you there!!

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