Saturday, June 1, 2013

First night in my 'new' skates

The Vixens!
A quick review...

Simply: they are really good skates for the price.  This pair is especially nice because they are used, so I didn't pay full price; but, they are in excellent condition!  At least, they were until I fell so hard on my right skate last night that I wore off the 'Ri' and half the 'e' on the Velcro strap!!  (For a quick review on my McDavid padded shorts: I'm lovin' 'em!)

More specifically...
I'm glad they are leather.  I wanted a leather boot initially, but didn't want to spend the money on the pair I coveted, so I went with a cheaper vinyl skate.  The R3 is also a great starter skate.  Or, I don't know, it may be a great 'all time' skate!?  But as my first skate, I was super happy with it.

Why, then, did I buy another pair of skates so soon?  Well, the price was right, and I felt like I needed a slightly smaller skate.  Ideally, I think I should be wearing a 7.5.  My R3's are 8's...the Vixens are 7's.
The length is good...nice and snug.
Unfortunately, my right foot (my bigger foot) got a bit numb.  My feet were killing me...achy...pretty much most of the night, last night.  But there were a couple of factors in play, I think.  
First off, I decided to try out this crazy wheel set up the girl sent on the skates.  She put some old wheels on, to keep the posts from poking out of the box during shipment.  I wanted to see how it felt to have different wheels on...see how it could possibly improve my maneuverability...I'm not that advanced!  So, I spent a good portion of skate time, changing back to my other wheels.  By the time I got out to skate, we were standing around waiting to do some drills and that is when I really noticed my achy feet.
Second, well, they are a full size smaller than my other pair...I will certainly have a 'breaking in period'...something I didn't need for my first pair.
I'm not giving my final decision on which pair I will use exclusively (if either!) until I have an official, full-on skate practice.  After they get a chance to stretch a bit.  
Sadly, I did still notice my heel slipping a bit, so I am still struggling to find the perfect lacing technique.

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