Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This group of girls has grown in numbers!

So far this blog has been pretty much 'what's up with the Cape Cod Roller Derby League' info.  Today is no different.  We had our first fundraiser and it was a pretty good first go-'round.  
We made some money for the league.  We got local businesses to show their support of our group (there wasn't too much arm-twisting...our local businesses are amazing!).  We got a lot of people interested in what we're doing.  And, we had fun!
On a personal note, I was there to help out, but I also had a table of my jewelry to sell.
(view from behind my booth...)

Yeah! new (old) music!!
I bid on a couple things and won an awesome CD collection of music from my youth...some of it is stuff I remember, some of it is stuff I wished I'd listened to more, some of it is just crazy 'perfect summer driving' music!  I was also instructed, via text, by Hubby to bid on the Cape Air plane tickets to Nantucket...we also won those.  So, basically, all the money I made selling my jewelry went right back into the Cape Cod Roller Derby Bankroll...which I'm perfectly happy with!  Funny story...8 tables (i think) of stuff to buy from crafters...3 were members of the league!  Crafty ladies playing roller derby!  

A small crowd.
The event had a slow start, but began to pick up about mid-way through.  There was live music, so I think people were planning their visit on that.  Ben & Jerry's provided free ice cream all day!!  The Underground Bakery in Dennis donated a ton of cookies, in addition to the items they donated for the silent auction!  
Eric Clark, local tension-relieving God apparently, was on hand for free massages!  I don't like strangers touching me, so I did not partake, but I saw a lot of derby girls getting in that chair!

And, in other news...
This week the story comes out in The Cape Cod Chronicle newspaper.  It is amazing that with every new bit of exposure we get, still more people gain interest in this awesome group!

Our guest coach, Flash Bayou, is really whipping us into shape.  We were all getting a little too comfortable just sort of sticking with what we knew.  Feeling good about getting steady on our skates and learning a few new tricks.  But, at some point, you have to progress.  Push yourself past that comfort zone...create a new zone...another zone to push through.  It is hard being a new league and not having the experience to know what to do next...how to push forward.  Flash is helping us get there, and it's making all the difference.

We have new girls joining our group almost every week now.  We're testing ourselves and moving forward.  It's getting real; it's getting serious.  Our time at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center is coming to an end soon.  My hope is that my next blog (or soon after) I will be able to report that we have a new space to skate.  The fundraiser helped us move toward that goal, I think, so my hopes are high.  The co-founders are really kicking ass in the 'details' department!

So, that's the latest.  We're working hard and still having fun, so it seems we're right on track!
One last thing...if you missed the fundraiser, but you feel strongly about this group and it's message of female empowerment and athleticism...feel free to check out our PayItSquare page.  Maybe you've got a little spare change you'd like to chip in?  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

More press!?
More intense practices?
More girls being invited to join the league?
More hitting! More injuries.
But, not 'more pictures'.

I never stop to grab my phone and snap a few pics!  And then I sit down to punch out this blog and realize...what a lame blog this is going to be if I never get any pictures to post!
Welcome to my lame blog...
This will be more...'informational'...

We're going to be in another local publication.  The Cape Cod Chronicle, Chatham & Harwich's local newspaper.  Locally owned and run by one of the nicest men I have had the pleasure of meeting.  My husband worked there for 6 or so years when we first moved to Chatham.  Our first apartment together.  We both worked locally, walked to work, enjoyed small town living.  Hank, the owner of the paper, was always so generous...giving us gift certificates to our favorite restaurants and lending us his truck.  He has a long-time, loyal staff that just proves he is a boss with integrity and compassion.
I was surprised one day last week, when I got a message on Facebook from the sports reporter, Eric.  When he started at the newspaper, we were excited to see a 'young person' in our neighborhood!  The three of us hung out on occasion, watched a few Super Bowls together, and maybe spent some holidays together when he wasn't headed home to be with his family.  
But I haven't seen him in years.  'He probably wants to do a story on your roller derby,' Jason said, when I mentioned the message popping up.
He was right.  
Well, last night was the 'photo shoot'.  Eric is a phenomenal photographer.  I would love to have some of those pics for my blog, but we'll all just have to wait for the article to come out (this Thursday, I think!).

Anyway, I guess I got a little personal on this one?

Derby equipment note:  I think I finally found a lacing technique to keep my skates tight, minimal heel slippage, and no foot pain or numbness!  The Ladder.
Derby practice progression:  working on more agility and hitting drills...it's getting pretty awesome and real!
Derby injury report: sadly, we're at a sprained wrist and a broken humerus.  (I'm getting my supplemental disability insurance ASAP!  Meeting an agent to sign me up Thursday!)
Derby fun and excitement level: CODE RED!

One last reminder: 
Don't forget about our first ever 
Cape Cod Roller Derby League Fundraiser!
Saturday, June 22
here's the facebook link (RAD!) so you can see all the awesome stuff happening
and a peek at what you can score in the silent auctions 
oh,  and the big raffle! Don't forget about those round-trip tickets to Nantucket!
See you there!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Read, and hear, all about it!!

The Cape Cod Roller Derby League (CCRD)
The Cape Cod Salty Dolls Team
flooded the media yesterday!
(by 'yesterday' I mean Monday, June 3, 2013)
The Co-Founders of Awesomeness
When I joined this group of kick-ass women, the first thing my husband said was, 'You should have Rob write a story about you guys for the Cape Cod Times!'  Then he said, 'and get some extra disability insurance!'

Rob is a friend of ours.  He writes an awesome fishing column for the major local paper, here on Cape.  Our pug, Moxie, never has to worry about staying in a kennel when we're away (which is rare), because Rob is pretty much always there to come stay with her.  He's a regular at Tuesday night poker, and he is one of the most supportive, easy-going, and kind people I know.  
He's also a great writer, and it seemed logical that, if we wanted some publicity, asking Rob would be a good start.
After a couple conversations with him, and the Presidents/Co-founders of the league, it was out of my hands, and I never really knew what, if anything, ever was to come from it.
Until one day a few weeks ago (maybe a month...time is really measured between Monday derby practice and Friday open skate, so it was probably more like a couple months!) the girls said that a reporter from the Times was coming to our practices.  And then I got a message from Rob...he was that reporter!
He showed up to a few practices and open skate nights, and even rolled around on his skateboard for a bit!  Then there was the practice with the photographer roaming around as we tried our very best to not look like Bambi on ice.  Luckily, at that stage of the game, this little engine that could, known as the Cape Cod Salty Dolls, had improved tremendously.

Jump ahead to Memorial Day Weekend (one of the busiest weekends for Cape Cod), when everyone heard the article would be out 'sometime that weekend'.  Every morning, from Friday to Monday, we checked.  Our friends and family checked.  Nothing.  
In the meantime, an online magazine had posted a story.  
InsideOUT Cape Cod (http://www.iocapecod.com/) had interviewed part of the team one night during one of their first CrossFit workouts.  (Before we had our rink space, some of the girls would meet up for some conditioning exercises.)
It was a nice article (you can read it HERE), but my heart sank...suppose the Times article didn't run because of this one!?  
But, we waited for what seemed like forever, until we got word that it really would run Monday morning.
And it did.

Front page news.  
I mean...
This is what we got to feast our eyes on!  A great read!
I get up around 3 a.m. to go to work, and there is usually one or two of the moms with babies up, too.  Lynn was awake and the two of us were losing our minds reading the online version, hoping to get hard copies of the paper, at some point during 'normal' waking hours.  
For me, I had been at work for an hour, dreaming about how awesome it would be to see the dream of this amazing collection of women come to life on the front page of our local paper, when my friend and co-worker walked in with 3 copies of the paper for me!  Everyone is so excited about this!

HERE is the fabulous article by my friend Rob.  If you are at all curious about what we're doing, what it's about, how you can get involved or help out...you must read this.  (You'll also find some info on our Open Skate Night and our up-coming fundraiser!)

But, it doesn't stop there...
Oh, no!  That's not nearly enough exposure for these Salty Dolls!
There's also THIS.  The Cape and Islands radio station (http://capeandislands.org/) ALSO mentioned us, as they read through the local headlines.

'The Wicked Cool Morning Show' (a local radio station) also gave us a shout out after seeing us on the front page!  (I didn't get to hear it first hand, but it never goes unnoticed when local celebrities are rooting for you!)

I mean, come on!!  If you aren't completely wrapped up in this, or planning on coming to an open skate or our fundraiser to check us out or help us out, or at the very least somewhat curious about what is going on here...well, then I'm not sure why you're reading this blog.
But if you ARE reading this blog, and you've seen and heard all the crazy publicity we got (seemingly) overnight, then you know that something is happening here.  Something big, something exciting, something salty!  

We had our first practice last night with our mentor from the West Coast (Flash Bayou of the Oly Bella Donnas) and it was absolutely amazing.  Eye-opening and empowering.  Somehow, both fear-inducing AND encouraging.  
She is going to be a huge asset to us this summer, so look out Cape Cod!  The Cape Cod Roller Derby is here with it's Salty Dolls and we are staying!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's up 'round the track?

Cape Cod Salty Dolls
Friday Night Open Skate

Now that I've got your attention...
I'll start off by letting you in on a little bit of exciting news.  If you're following along and know our story so far, then you know we are sort of doing the best we can with what info we can find...YouTube, derby forums, random derby players we find (and stalk) on Facebook, blogs, and whatever publications we can scrounge up.
It's all great information, but we've gotten to that point where we can't just read about what we need to do.  We've moved, or desperately want to move, beyond the point where 'getting the gist of it' from a few videos is enough.
I'm not saying that, with each skate session, every single one of us doesn't improve. We have, as a group, come leaps and bounds from that day the majority of us were stopping by hurling ourselves into the wall!
My own personal victory was last week, when I finally got over my fear of leaving the ground.  By the end of the evening, I was hopping at least 4 inches (a jump over a 6" obstacle is a required skill)...ready to improve!

So what's the 'exciting news'?  Well, we have a summer resident from Washington who just happens to play roller derby in her home town.  And, she was nice enough to help out with some drills at our open skate last night!!  She has agreed to come to our regular practices to whip us into shape...as much as she can while she's here, and we have a rink to practice in (man, I'm gonna be sad when they freeze that rink again!!).

On a personal note: I have been holding back, I think.  I am letting my nerves get the better of me and I'm not pushing through to the point where I am comfortable letting go.  And I MUST get to that point!  Roller derby is a sport where EVERY SINGLE PLAYER will fall.  There's just no way around it.  And, as a player, in any position, I must be comfortable, not just skating, but also jumping and running on skates.  In order to do that, I will have to go through that learning process that inevitably will include numerous falls.  
It's going to happen.

I hope you enjoy the video, edited by Lulu Larceny's bro (and our team EMT) and shot him and numerous skaters, as they passed around the helmet-cam!

And, don't forget about our June Fundraiser!!  
Go HERE for info on what's coming in for you to bid on in our silent auctions or to reserve a table for your crafts or how to make a donation.  Hope to see you there!

First night in my 'new' skates

The Vixens!
A quick review...

Simply: they are really good skates for the price.  This pair is especially nice because they are used, so I didn't pay full price; but, they are in excellent condition!  At least, they were until I fell so hard on my right skate last night that I wore off the 'Ri' and half the 'e' on the Velcro strap!!  (For a quick review on my McDavid padded shorts: I'm lovin' 'em!)

More specifically...
I'm glad they are leather.  I wanted a leather boot initially, but didn't want to spend the money on the pair I coveted, so I went with a cheaper vinyl skate.  The R3 is also a great starter skate.  Or, I don't know, it may be a great 'all time' skate!?  But as my first skate, I was super happy with it.

Why, then, did I buy another pair of skates so soon?  Well, the price was right, and I felt like I needed a slightly smaller skate.  Ideally, I think I should be wearing a 7.5.  My R3's are 8's...the Vixens are 7's.
The length is good...nice and snug.
Unfortunately, my right foot (my bigger foot) got a bit numb.  My feet were killing me...achy...pretty much most of the night, last night.  But there were a couple of factors in play, I think.  
First off, I decided to try out this crazy wheel set up the girl sent on the skates.  She put some old wheels on, to keep the posts from poking out of the box during shipment.  I wanted to see how it felt to have different wheels on...see how it could possibly improve my maneuverability...I'm not that advanced!  So, I spent a good portion of skate time, changing back to my other wheels.  By the time I got out to skate, we were standing around waiting to do some drills and that is when I really noticed my achy feet.
Second, well, they are a full size smaller than my other pair...I will certainly have a 'breaking in period'...something I didn't need for my first pair.
I'm not giving my final decision on which pair I will use exclusively (if either!) until I have an official, full-on skate practice.  After they get a chance to stretch a bit.  
Sadly, I did still notice my heel slipping a bit, so I am still struggling to find the perfect lacing technique.