Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A second pair of skates and league updates!

Well, things are moving along.  I am still legitimately coo-coo about this roller derby thing!

I already bought a second pair of skates!! 
I'll maybe do a review (compare/contrast with my first pair -R3's) in another blog.  Once I actually get to skate with my new pair, that is.  I ordered them through a Facebook group (Roller Derby Recyclables).  It was actually my second purchase through this group!  For some reason I got into this wheel buying stage, right off the bat.  Thinking I needed harder indoor wheels, then immediately changing my mind the minute I stepped onto the rink!  So, I was hooked on buying gently used gear, to save some money.
Quick Detour...
My first purchase (from Roller Derby Recyclables) was a set of used Flat Outrageous wheels.  Basically a slightly slimmer version of the Flat-Outs that I'd been using (they came with my first skate set-up...I really liked them).  That led to me loaning my old, wider wheels, which ultimately led to TWO of the other girls purchasing the Flat-Outs for their indoor wheels!  They are great wheels for the price, in my opinion, but we are all still novices here, so if you have any great wheel advice/recommendations...PLEASE, feel free to leave a comment!!

Back to the story of the VIXENS!

First, you may be wondering why, after just a couple months of skating would I already need a new pair of skates?  (Actually, if you play derby, you probably aren't surprised at all!)  Well, it's not because I don't take care of them!  I have my toe guards, I use Odor-Eater insoles, and I try not to get too crazy when I'm skating outdoors, on rough surfaces.  But, I have tried every variation of lacing that I can find, to try to keep my heel from slipping.  It isn't enough of an issue to bother me when I'm skating...I mean, I don't feel like my skates will fall off (I have the same issue with pretty much every pair of my favorite shoes), and I'm not getting blisters (I've actually been super happy with these skates...other than the heel being too narrow for me, I've not had one problem!).  I was about to try the ankle booties when I saw the Vixens for sale on Facebook.  
Originally, I had wanted to get the Riedell 265 boot...leather, cool stripes...but, wow! too expensive for my first pair.  
When you haven't skated in about 25 years, and you have no idea what the future holds for a brand new league, (and your getting by on a single income!) you don't want to spend $400+ on your first set up!  The Point:  The Vixens set up has a leather boot, aluminum plates (I'm skating on nylon plates, which are fine for me, so the plates weren't the selling point), and the same Flat-Out wheels that I was lending out.  The pair for sale was a whole size smaller than my current pair, and I was nervous to shell out more money on skates, not knowing how they'd fit, but it was really (in my mind) too good a deal to pass up.
So, I went for it, and they arrived quickly...but, my foot just fit in the boot!
I went through several stages, mostly denial that they were too small.  I put them on, skated a lap around the living room, convinced myself that once I was skating I wouldn't even notice that my toe was jammed up in the tip of the boot, and proceeded to outfit the new skates with my Gum Ball toe stops, leather toe guards, blue laces, and brand new Odor-Eaters.  It was when i was putting in my insoles that I looked at the tongue of the boot: 'size 6'!!!
Getting rid of these for a smaller size...
That is what the post said!  I searched for the original listing on Facebook...at this point, I had already confirmed shipment, and messaged the seller that I got them and 'Thanks'!  
But, there it was...she was selling the size 7 and switching to a size 6!  I quickly messaged her back.  Long story, short: she felt terrible.  She has sent me her new skates.  Now that Memorial Day Weekend is over, I am hoping she will remember to ship my size 7 skates today, and I will have them by Thursday...in plenty of time for Friday night's skate session.  And, she will skate on her back-ups until I return her new Vixens.
In the meantime, I was able to get a little money back by selling the 'new' Flat-outs and toe stops that she included in our deal; and, two of my team mates are in love with the Flat-outs!

I'm keeping my old R3's for awhile, though, I think.  When she mentioned she had back up skates to use, I thought 'what a great idea!'  For now I will offer them as loaner skates during our open skate nights and keep them as my back ups.  

Did someone say UPDATES!?
I sure did!!
We're trying to raise money!  We are so new that we are scraping our pennies out of the sofa cushions to pay our rent. So we really need some help.  In just a couple months, we will be without a place to practice!!  Our goal to actually start bouting in a year or so will be pushed back significantly if we have to take the entire Fall and Winter off from skating!
We have a 'Pay It Square' account set up.
It is basically a place for anyone who wants to help out, to go and donate whatever they can.  If you are so inclined, please go here.  Every little bit counts and some levels of donation can mean some cool stuff.  We are the very first Roller Derby League on Cape Cod!  If you visit, this could be a cool new thing to do with the family...help us make history!
We are having our first fundraiser!
Are you going to be on Cape Cod on June 22, 2013?  Are you going to be looking for something fun to do with the family?  We will have live local music!  Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry's, baby!!  So cool of them to help us out and donate their delicious product!!)!  Raffles galore, silent auctions, and tables of handmade arts and crafts!  Stop by our event page on Facebook for more information.  Can't make it, but want to make a donation for the raffle or auction?  You'll find info on that on our page, too (of course, that's time sensitive, so  you gotta be quick!)
We are growing every week!
If you live on Cape Cod and are interested in joining this fabulous, ground-breaking, history-making group of ladies, you should check out our open skate night.  Every Friday night through July, from 7-8:30 p.m., we are welcoming any skater 18 years and older to come skate with us.  Find out how you can get involved.  You want to skate, but not play?  Why not be a ref??  We definitely need those!!
You want to be involved but can't or don't want to skate?  We need lots of 'Non-Skating Officials' (NSO's)!  
Roller derby is so much more than just a bunch of girls skating around, hitting each other.  The whole thing goes nowhere without the officials, score-keepers, time-keepers, and of course the fans and contributors!
We want to play...DESPERATELY!...but it takes a village to get this baby to grow!  
We are in the news!
The first bit of press was in IOCapeCod.com.  Here's an online article giving you some pretty in depth info on roller derby, as a sport; but, also some fun info on our team specifically, and how the league hopes to grow. 'Roller Derby Jams the Cape'!!
We've also had some exposure to a Cape Cod Times reporter and photographer, but we are still waiting for that article to surface.  Anxiously awaiting our debut into print media!

So, that's our story so far.  We're obsessed...and we want you to get obsessed, too!!